We know the pressure of visiting a recording studio can seem intimidating, so we’ve developed a ministry to provide all the amenities of a professional recording studio in a zero-cost and comfortable environment; where you can feel at home while making music.

The Studio

Studio Gear

Even though there is no cost when you work with us, rest assured that no expense has been spared to provide you with a professional quality recording.

The Experience

Everyone who visits the studio is moved by the beauty of the space.  We meticulously designed the environment to help enhance the creative atmosphere while we work together.

One Big Family

While you’re with us, we might end up sharing dinner and all the excitement that comes with a big family of 7.  And if the kids get a little too loud, rest assured that the studio is expertly soundproofed!

Our Name

Deep beneath the Church of Santa Cecilia in Trastevere Rome, archeologists discovered the ancient remains of the first century Trastevere neighborhood where early Christians lived and were martyred, including St Cecilia, the patron saint of music.  You can still walk through this underground neighborhood today and get a sense of the community St Cecilia must have felt there.

Not so deep beneath our home, we invite you to join us in our basement recording studio to be inspired, to make music, and to become a part of our family.

Our Friends

Jim and Phyllis



For inquiries about how to make music at Studio Trastevere, please shoot us an email with some information about yourself, maybe a demo track or two, and a description of why you want to create music.